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Baobaohao Baby Stroller (Qz1)

580 SAR

Features :-

  • It becomes a compact size when folded
  • Fits even in the smallest of cabin baggage compartments (luggage pocket sizes may vary depending on the aircraft model)
  • Folding, opening and driving with one hand
  • Four-wheel shock absorber system
  • Smooth driving system, you don't need to lock the front wheels
  • Basket at the bottom of the cart to store things


Product dimensions: 52 x 48 x 18 cm

Packaging dimensions: 65 x 20 x 45 cm

Shipping weight: 6.5 kg

Frequently asked questions about the product:

Q: Does the cart reverse direction?

c/ no

Q // Does the car enter the plane?

C/ The dimensions of the cart when closing are in accordance with the specifications allowed by the airlines (which allow the car to be boarded on the plane).

The size of the aircraft pocket for baggage may vary depending on the aircraft model, which may lead to refusal to board the plane

Q // Are the four wheels of the car swivel?

C / No, only the front wheels that rotate, but the rear wheels are fixed, which changes the movement of the cart when it is reversed

Q: Is the cart heavy?

A: The cart is light in weight

Q // Does the cart, when closed, have a pull stick?


Q // Is there a bag for the trolley when it is closed to carry it?

c/ yes

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580 SAR

احمد عمر

2 months ago

عربياتكم فوق الروووعة ووتعاملكم جدا رائع ويستحق التقدير والله يوسع عليكم في رزقكم اللهم امين يارب ياكريم


Nasser Quzi

1 year ago

جداً عملية


Nasser Quzi

1 year ago

عملي جدا

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