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Tamara postpaid service

What is Tamara?

Tamara is a postpaid service with no fees for customers. You can order the product you need and pay after 30 days of shipment.

common questions

Are there any hidden benefits or fees with using Tamara?

Tamara's service is free of charge to the customer, because its revenue comes from the stores.

Tamara may charge a late fee if you make the payment at the end of the 30 days. Delay fees are donated to charities due to the approval of Tamara Shariah solutions.

What cards does Tamara accept?

Tamara accepts most cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Mada cards, Apple Pay and even bank transfer.

How can the customer pay?

After the customer receives his order, he can login to his account in Tamara and pay the amounts by adding a payment method. The customer will be reminded by text and email when the due date is near.

How to order through Tamara service, in installments for 3 months without any additional fees:

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